Saklikent Gorge & Ancient City of Tlos

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Fethiye Cruise Port


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Visiting: Saklikent Gorge, Ancient city of Tlos

Duration: 10 hours

After our guide picks you up from the port of call, we will drive
to Saklikent Gorge.
It is the largest and deepest
gorge in Turkey and the second in Europe. Once walking on the raised walkway above the water, you will
become aware of yourself. You will feel
so tiny and insignificant
among the natural walls of cliffs soaring into the sky, giving you an almost spiritual experience.

Walking inside, you will reach the Ulupinar Springs where water bubbles up under great force from the base of the cliffs and you wade across the stream into the gorge to begin your walk. You will see a lot of people cover themselves with clay found in the area. The clay is believed to have healing and rejuvenating properties.
Keep walking until you get to penetrate
into the heart of the mountains and enjoy the cool temperature coming from the rocks preventing you from the heat outside. There are small cafés placed inside the gorge where you can get food and cold drinks kept
iced cold in the waters of the river. Relax on wooden platforms suspended just a foot or two above the river furnished with Turkish rugs and comfortable cushions in the shade in which they serve freshly-caught trout. It is such a delight to be able to stop in one of these small cafes as they are surrounded by very magnificent
scenery of the canyon.

After your adventure in the gorge, our guide will drive you to visit the Ancient city of Tlos which is 4 km. northwest from the Gorge.

In times of Lycia,
Tlos was one of the religious centers in the Lycian regions. It
was also recognised as
one of the most powerful principal cities
of Lycia and
was once known to be remarkably brilliant and vibrant.
The ruins in the city such as castles, Lycian tombs and ancient theaters display how advanced and sophisticated the city used to be under the Roman Empire. Once you get to the top you will be able to view yet another ancient Lycian city of Xanthos and the surrounding. The landscape around that city
is so magnificent and you will surely want to know more about its history.

It is also
one of the few Lycian cities to continue its existence through the 19th century. This city has been the melting pot of many different cultures and you can see the influence in the various structures of these vine-covered
No wonder why
this place must have inspired a lot of romantic painters and poets.

In Tlos you can see a lot of remaining ruins which enable you to see what the city looked like in the past. The evidence is in the forms of ancient
buildings and
public baths lying around the city.
The Stadium is
from the Roman period and located just under the acropolis hill. It had a seating capacity of 2,500. Today only the seats remain and the sporting area is being used as a farmer's field.

If you are a history fan, this tour is guaranteed to be just right for you, and if you are a
fun and adventurous nature lover, it is also perfect. If you enjoy both, then it cannot get better.
When you finish your day,
our guide will drive you back to the port of call and you can relax in our air conditioned vehicle!


Lunch is not included in the cost of the tour. We will suggest options for local Turkish restaurants and provide ample time for you to have a sit-down lunch.


- Port pick-up and drop-off
- Entrance fees as per itinerary
- Luxury air-con coach
- Licensed tour guide
- Drinking water in vehicle


- Lunch and beverages
- Entrance fees to the Terrace Houses $15 extra (optional)
- Gratuities (optional)


This tour requires a bit of walking and we suggest you wear comfortable tennis shoes or sandals. As it can be very hot in summer months, please bring sunscreen, sunglasses, hats and any other necessary sun gear with you.


For optional mosque visits you need to bring a sarong to cover legs and a head scarf for women.

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